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Available courses

This course is designed for NZCF ITTM training with New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Training Level 4 embedded. The course is delivered in mix-mode.  

This course will provide a brief overview on the Civil aviation authority (CAA) rules and regulations for flying drones. It will also provide links to further information and to a few drone simulators.    

U/S 24102 - Demonstrate basic firearms use and safety for New Zealand Cadet Forces activities

Unit Standard 24100

Unit Standard 24101

Unit Standard 1307

Unit Standard 9705 (under development)

Unit Standard 24096 GSK 

Unit Standard 24099 

Advance CFK -  Cross Corps ranks

Unit standard 3490 - Complete an incident report

Unit standard 3492 - Write a short report

This cluster includes NZCF essential skills for three corps and for each corp based on user's choice accordingly.

Unit standard 496 - Personal Wellbeing 

Unit standard 24097 - CFK 

Unit standard 24098 - Basic Drill 

Unit Standard 497 - workplace health and safety (under development)

Unit Standard 505 - personal physical fitness (under development)

The enrollment key (case sensitive) for this course is:  Training-19